We commit to enabling a radically regenerative and ‘sustainable-first’ media production ecosystem, infrastructure and services.


With less than a decade before the impact of our destructive behaviours becomes irreversible, it is critical we act and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions across our own and our clients’ creative content production operations.

Using leading VR tech we can create multi-user (up to 35) synced recce experiences for production crew across the globe from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces … reducing travel emissions, enabling informed decisions on locations, gaining access to more remote or more difficult locations and crucially freeing up time for production.

C4SP - The Centre for Sustainable Production (C4SP)

The importance of becoming a Toxin Free World

We established the Centre for Sustainable Production (C4SP) in 2021 as a physical showcase to highlight the most practical and sustainable products and services for media and event producers. Working with an ever-growing portfolio of partners, we also use our LOCATIONZ sites as the R&D bases for testing and developing these products and services with a vision of reducing all areas of ours & our clients’ negative environmental impacts. From B Corp Certified Companies, Cradle to Cradle Certified  & Toxin Free Products (Fill Refill, Graphenstone, Bazoo, Arid, Sustainable Signage) to Zero to landfill waste management (BUBS, Revival, Jericho) we question everything we do and vet our suppliers, implementing a #sustainablefirst and #localfirst strategy across our group companies and day-to-day operations.

We firmly believe the race to net zero needs to become a race to a toxin free world and are committed to making this dream a reality.

#sustainable-first - our partners & suppliers


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Head of Sustainable Production

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Project Coordinator

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